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Fathers/ Dads all hold that special place in all of our lives. It may not be our biological father, but a father figure such as an older brother, uncle or friend deserves to be lauded and appreciated for playing the fatherly role.

Hearing the words ‘baby daddy’ and not dad or my child’s father used, especially during this Father’s Day weekend, brings negative connotations. For many, the phrase seems to be a black thing that has been attached to black fathers. Many men are insulted by that term because it implies that, as a father, they are absent in the face of any real parenting, their only contribution being sperm donor or once in a while ‘hit up.’ In addition to this being a Father’s Day weekend, it is also FIFA World Cup 2018 Weekend where the men will be glued to their television sets and sitting with their sons as they begin to induct them into the fraternity of what is known as football around the world and not Soccer as it is termed in the United States. Football fever runs high this weekend as men, women, and child cheer for their team whether it is Brazil, Argentina or Russia. There are many teams to choose from and the rivalry can reach fever pitch. It is also a bonding moment for fathers and their children, even if they are supporting different sides.

Mothers and wives who choose not to watch the game get a copy of my new book Blood in the Water. There are many positive father-daughter/father-son relationships to read about. Enjoy your game and your day, fathers.

It's a fabulous FIFA World cup, Father's Day weekend. It's a win win situation. It's pure bliss with fathers controlling the remote screaming at the TV when their team kick a ball past goalie and score goaaaal or hold their heads when their team misses a goal. Ladies if you weren't smart enough to get the man a big screen TV it's not too late.While the men are focused on their game, the women are focusing their energy on Ronaldo who definitely can put that ball where it needs to go or Messi who for some people can do no wrong.. It's a win, win situation all around. Pass me a Red Stripe Sorrel. Enjoy the game and enjoy Father's Day!!!!

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Dantie Smith-Brown

Dantie Smith-Brown was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, where she graduated from teacher’s college before migrating to the United States. Changing course upon arrival, she became a Respiratory Care Practitioner when her father introduced her to that specialized area in health care. She is passionate about educating, diagnosing and treating individuals who suffer from heart and lung diseases to improve their health and well-being.

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