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Got my Mojo Back in Hawaii: Part 2

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You can travel anywhere to get your mojo back but for me it was Hawaii. Following up on our visit to the old church the next day our trip took us to Haleakala where we visited the Haleakala National Park. It’s the view that takes your breath away. If you would like to see a spectacular sunrise wake up before the crack of dawn and take the tour to the Haleakala Visitor Center where you can watch the sun spread across the sky in flaming colours. The dormant volcanoes provide a range of different landscapes which is breath- taking on its own. I stood there with my mouth open taking in the beauty of nature. Leaving Haleakala we stopped at a local bar and sang Karaoke and ate fresh seafood, connecting with the locals.

Lahaina is where we shopped, grabbed a bite at Friday’s. It was here that I chased down the Snow Cone vendor and it was well worth it. There is a long list of restaurants to choose from that is also to be found in my backyard back in New York. We were lucky to have a guide who took us to homes in the area, which ranged from middle class to upper middle class and upper class. I was shocked to see how expensive homes are in areas such as Pu'unoa going for $8,750,000. Of course there are regular homes for regular prices but many of the employees that we dealt with said they shared living expenses because rent was so high. It is expensive.

Back at the Four Seasons and it’s Unforgettable Experiences
An Unforgettable Experience
Blog_1024_20181012121709500.JPG From the spa, to the Serenity Pool, to the private cabana everything was top class. We were surprised that everyone knew our names. I was not expecting that. We later realized that this was as a result of the special dinner that was planned for my birthday termed “The Special Romantic Dinner. (Word gets around). Two of these dinners are planned per night on the property, the setting on a bluff, elevated above the beach and overlooks the ocean. The hotel culinary staff designed my multi course dinner with our input and came with our personal waiter. Blog_1024_20181012124043284.JPG This was a highlight of my trip. It was a very private, celebrated birthday with my Lars, which brought a smile to my face. I could hear myself speak. I could hear me. It made me happy to be in a quiet corner .Celebrating with Lars my birthday was one for the books. It was special, spectacular, and thoughtful and touched the right note. It was an unforgettable experience.

The Private Luxury Cabana
This cabana came out fitted with spritzers to keep us cool, sandwiches, mini refrigerator with beer and bottle of wine and assistance from poolstaff. I was free to float in the Serenity pool at any time that I chose, listen to the rhythm of the music floating up from the bottom of the pool, swim up to the bar or request a drink be brought to my cabana. I laid around sipping on wine and snacking on fruits while Lars went to take a dip the Serenity Pool.

The service was outstanding from the concierge, to the front entrance/valet staff, housekeeping, spa, Duo breakfast/dinner crew, and especially the main pool staff. I loved the local dance, the joy and pride they showed in their work. We will be back. Say we will do it all again.

We live and learn. We will remember the fun we had, the gentleman we met who was originally from Jamaica moved to New York and changed his life for the woman he met and fell in love with. Together they live in Honolulu, she a nurse and him a medical sales man who moonlights as a bus driver for a hotel.


The people we meet as we travel are diverse and interesting and here in Honolulu a band found him and had him jamming and entertaining the crowd in no time at all. It’s how you interact with people that sometimes attract them to you. It was an unforgettable trip and we will be back.

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Dantie Smith-Brown

Dantie Smith-Brown was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, where she graduated from teacher’s college before migrating to the United States. Changing course upon arrival, she became a Respiratory Care Practitioner when her father introduced her to that specialized area in health care. She is passionate about educating, diagnosing and treating individuals who suffer from heart and lung diseases to improve their health and well-being.

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