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Vangella Hazle Buchanan

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Vangella ‘Vjange Hazle’ Buchanan, is a pioneer, a trailblazer, an author of sixteen books, an adjunct professor, a lady born and raised in Jamaica and one who possesses spectacular talents and exudes patience at its best.

Vangella recently opened the first black female-owned bookstore in Connecticut in a town called Bloomfield. She stepped out on faith to take the risk of opening her own business and finding her way, pushing at boundaries and breaking down walls as she keeps focused on making a difference and finding her way in un-charted territory.

Speaking to Vangella and having discussions with her, you will find that she has a deep sense of who she is, has remarkable knowledge about her history, is proud of her ancestry and is the writer of very interesting books such as The Master’s Daughter, its sequel The Master’s Wife, and Country Gal a Foreign. Vangella should be on The Bestseller’s list based on the very books she writes. She should be interviewed by our own Disc Jockey’s on their programs about her books, our history, the resilience of our people and because, yes, she is knowledgeable like that and a genuine soul. She should be sitting on The View, and be interviewed by people such as Oprah Winfrey.

In interactions with Vangella, one realizes that she is always willing to help. With her editorial skills, she is will guide one through the process and she is patient in working to get the job right while doing it with a smile.

Although Vangella laments her role as a teacher, she loves her students who are from very diverse backgrounds; some are refugees and others born and raised in the United States, with different accents and patterns of speech. She recognizes their potential for success and gives it her 100% to help them attain success.

When you do get the time, check out her bookstore, The Writery Ink 836 Park Ave, #24D, Wintonbury Mall, Bloomfield CT. 06002


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Dantie Smith-Brown

Dantie Smith-Brown was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, where she graduated from teacher’s college before migrating to the United States. Changing course upon arrival, she became a Respiratory Care Practitioner when her father introduced her to that specialized area in health care. She is passionate about educating, diagnosing and treating individuals who suffer from heart and lung diseases to improve their health and well-being.

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